Ambersonious is a collaborative project that brings together two revival typefaces as a complementary pair. The typefaces were conceived during a 4-day Venetian typeface revival workshop with Riccardo Olocco and Michele Patanè as part of the MA type design course at the University of Reading. The name Ambersonious combines the names of the 15th-century printers for each source: Ambergau and Ausonious. The workshop process explored questions of authenticity vs. inspiration. What is a revival? How faithful should the interpretation be? What elements should be kept and what should be eliminated? In addition to that, the workshop was an exercise in collaborative type design. The Ausonious typeface was designed by Zenab Bastawala, Robert Pratley, and myself. The Ambergau typeface was designed by Shani Avni, Lisa Dröes, Calvin Kwok, and Manuel von Gebhardi. Ambersonious got an honorable mention at the 2016 Pangramme international student type design exhibition. Specimen design: Shani Avni

The original 15th-century Venetian typefaces. Top: Ambergau. Bottom: Ausonious. Photo by Riccardo Olocco.
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